Pinho Consulting En


What do we do? 

Our working model allows us to provide our customers with a reliable and convenient online  coaching and consulting service, offering them “just in time” assistance.

Our Consulting services, with a strong focus on the development, implementation and enhancement of quality and risk management programmes for IVF laboratories and reproductive medicine centers, will also help you to implement; Innovation, Occupational Health or standard Quality Management Systems.

As a Coach i can help you create the life you want, can and deserve to have. Together we will identify what you want and need, resources and existing barriers, and how to stay focused to get the results you want.


Our Mission: 

Potentiate the value creation in the customer promoting the growth of his business, and personal satisfaction.


 Our Vision: 

Leveraged by the success provided to our customers we aim to be the uncontested partner in the moments that require it, growing jointly with them.

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